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Beaded leather wrap bracelet class, Friday 7/14/23, 2-4pm

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Learn all the tips and tricks to starting and finishing these beautiful beaded leather wrap bracelets.  This project is all in the details, so one class will take you a long way and allow you to make lots of these beauties! Once you learn the proper way for this one, you will be a bead weaving pro! This bracelet can be made to wrap around several times, or just once or twice, and it even makes a cute anklet, boot bracelet, or hat band.  For the class, we recommend that you begin by making a single or double wrap bracelet so you will have time to learn the closure process during the class, or just plan to come back at another time to learn the closure procedure if you are planning to do one that wraps around four or five times, as these can take several hours to complete.  If you plan on making a project for a boot or hat during the class, please bring the item with you so we can get the correct measurements for it.

Supplies additional to the cost of the class.