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Pinterest Party: CHRISTMAS/WINTER, Saturday -November 9th, 10:30am-4:00pm

Pinterest Party: CHRISTMAS/WINTER, Saturday -November 9th, 10:30am-4:00pm

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Create, Share, & Learn in a new and fun all day crafting event! 

Saturday, November 9th, ALL DAY, 10:30-4:00

Spots are VERY limited, ONLY 8 SEATS AVAILABLE


We are excited to host a new and unique type of event called a Pinterest party at One Glance! Join us for a day of creativity, sharing, and crafting as eight participants come together to present their own DIY projects.  This will be a wonderful opportunity to try new crafts, make friends, and leave with a collection of handmade treasures.

Here's how it works:

-Cost: $15 entry fee plus whatever supplies are needed for the project you are presenting.  Also please bring a potluck food item appropriate for snacking throughout the day, think brunch buffet style.

-8 Slots available: Each participant will prepare a simple fun project for the entire group to create.  Your project should be Christmas or winter themed & manageable within 30 minutes, and can be related to jewelry making, or any other craft you enjoy

-Preparation for the event: Be prepared to cover the cost of supplies for all of your 7 other participants.  If you purchase supplies from One Glance, you will receive a 30% discount, but supplies are not required to be bead related.  Find the project you would like to do for the event, and design a sample, or multiple samples to show various options if you would like, and write up a clear written instruction sheet or cheat sheet so the others can follow along and have it as a reference at home.  Create a kit for each of the other 7 participants, including all of the supplies required for your project.  If any equipment is needed for your project such as hot glue guns, scissors, sewing machine, etc, bring them with you. 

Be sure to drop off a completed sample of your project to One Glance no later than Saturday July 20th for display and advertising.

The day of:

Pack and bring with you:

-all of your supplies for your project and the kits for each person including instructions, as well as 

-your potluck food item for the day, and any additional snacks and drinks you think you may want to have available throughout the day. 

Arrive at 10:30 to allow yourself some time to get settled, review your presentation schedule, and do any prep for your project.  The first project will begin at 11:00am.  Every 30 minutes, a different participant will present their project with 15 minute breaks slotted between every two presenters.  You'll get to demonstrate your project and then enjoy creating all of the other projects brought in by the others in the group.

SALE-all One Glance items will be 35% off for participants

Some thoughts to keep in mind: 

-Keep it simple: project should be able to be completed in a 30 minute time frame, and should be suitable for all different skill levels

-Back up supplies-bring extra materials in case of any mishaps or losses

-Craft ideas-Your project can be anything from beaded jewelry, jewelry /craft storage items, home decor items, or anything else you can think of!  This event is about having fun and learning new crafts together.  Feel free to head over to Pinterest to get some good ideas!

Spaces are limited, so secure your spot now!

How to Register:

Registration opens at 10:30am Friday, June 14th for all 3 events for 2024, and can be done online, in person, or over the phone.  Spaces are first come first serve, and will fill up fast, so don't delay! Your spot is not claimed until payment is received.  

For any additional questions, feel free to contact us at (832)569-5969

We are so excited to see what new creativity everyone brings to the table!