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Upcycling Day! HALF OFF REPAIRS!! Saturday 2/18/23, ALL DAY 10:30am-4:00pm

Upcycling Day! HALF OFF REPAIRS!! Saturday 2/18/23, ALL DAY 10:30am-4:00pm

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Spring cleaning is in full force right now, and we want to help you turn your old things into something new! Bring all of your old/out of date/boring/broken items and turn them back into something you would actually wear! The beads in jewelry items never expire or go out of date, so why not give refresh them with some modern touches and give them a little face lift and get some use out of them again! This is also a great way to modernize heirloom pieces or create some memorable gifts to hand down to other family members.

We will be spending the day helping you find a few new accent pieces to mix in to give things a fresh bright new look, and the pewter trunk show will still be in house that weekend so this will be a great option for freshening up the metal in your pieces to make them new again.  You will be able to restring/recreate your pieces yourself with some help from us, or you can completely hand them off to us to do the labor for you!

**All repairs dropped off that weekend will receive HALF OFF labor fees! **

This is a great deal that only comes around once or twice a year, so gather up all of your grandma's pearls and your long forgotten pieces and bring them in for a little refresh and add these pieces back into your wardrobe so you can get some use out of them again! 

Feel free to bring drinks/snacks as this is an all day event, come and go as you please.

Don't have any jewelry that needs refreshing, but just did a little spring shopping for new wardrobe items? Bring those by and we can help custom create something for you!