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Brighter Lipstick, Bigger Earrings progress update & new location!

We are excited to announce that we now officially have our own Brighter Lipstick, Bigger Earrings tree at Deke Slayton!

One of our gracious customers has volunteered to maintain the tree for us doing such tasks as coordinating with the center, handling all displays, refilling the tree etc. All of the earrings that we make on our BLBE workshop days will be sent to the new tree located at Deke Slayton to keep it filled with lots of great choices for the ladies to choose from.  

AND, we want to give a huge thank you to everyone who showed up for our last workday-we were able to donate 79 pairs of earrings this month to our new tree!

You can join us next month and help us make more earrings to restock the tree on Friday 11/1/2019 from 3-6pm.  All skill levels welcome. 

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