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Hoop earring components now back in stock!

Hey guys-you've been asking to get some more of these in stock and they have finally arrived!

There's so many things you can do with these pieces, they really are incredibly versatile! 

I particularly love using them for team sports projects, because you can choose beads in the teams colors, and then hang the appropriate sports charm in the center of the hoop!  And they're really excellent if you sell your jewelry, because once you get your pattern set, you can make the same thing for all the team colors! 

And the best part about these is how easy they are to use!  I just posted a little tutorial video showing you how to use them, and the whole thing isn't even three minutes long!  Check out the video HERE if you've never played with these findings before :)  It's so easy even kids can do it! 

And actually it's so easy, we're going to be doing it for make n takes this weekend!  There will be a few options to show you the various ways you can use the hoops.  Pics below:



Kits for all of these earrings can be found on our website, just search hoop earrings or hoops ;)

Or just stop by for make n takes this Saturday 1/25/20 where we'll be making jewelry all day long!

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