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Winter Kids Camp 2024

Winter Kids Camp 2024

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Are the kids already getting restless and you still have another week of Christmas vacation?!  If so~ We've got a great solution for you! 

We've got 2 sessions of kids camps scheduled for this week, and your little ones can participate in one day, or both days~ Whatever fits your schedule! The skills will be the same for each session, but they can choose different projects and colors each day, so if you would like to have them join for both sessions, they will still have a great time and feel like they are making something totally new! 

Ages 5+ welcome

Camps will be held from 11am-1pm each day. 

A snack & a drink will be provided each day.

Kids will have time to complete several projects during the session and may make 5-10 items depending on how quickly they work, and will be able to choose from:

Stretch bracelets: They will learn how to make professional quality stretch bracelets, which products are the right products to use, as well as the proper way to secure the ends of the bracelet.  


Earrings: They will learn the basics of how to create simple beaded earrings, How to use tools to make round loops in the wire, how to incorporate metals to accent beads, and how to attach charms for dangly earrings.